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You might be wondering what a Forex Money Manager is! Well, Forex Money Managers are online managed accounts that trade and manage the markets on behalf of you. As a client you can easily avail the service of Forex Fund Managers. Unlike most of the ordinary retail investors, managed Forex accounts make more cash and that’s the reason why most of the investors in these days opt to go for Managed Forex Accounts.

Mastering the skills of Forex Trading is not an easy job for an amateur and that’s why most of the novice Forex traders fail within a couple of months and that’s why it is really important to find a good Forex Money managers so that as a novice one can easily learn all the techniques of this type of trading.

Now you should know the benefits of Managed Forex Accounts

One of the most significant advantages of choosing a Managed Forex account is that it does not require a huge amount of money to start the Forex trading venture. There’s a common misconception among most of the people that most of the Managed Forex Accounts need investors to invest at least one million dollar but this is not true at all. One can start with only $5,000 cash with the Managed Forex account. The best part of this type of Forex account is that here as an investor you can have the complete control over your investment.

Always remember one thing that finding a reputed and experienced foreign exchange manager is a challenging and time consuming job but it is definitely worth finding.

If you are actually looking forward to hire an experienced Forex managed account platform then you should definitely go for IC Markets.

It is the world’s first ECN Forex broker. This online platform allows you to trade on the very high grade liquidities from world’s top investment banks. It allows you to trade on dark pool liquidity execution venues and this is a very good opportunity for an investor. Here you can trade on spreads from 0.0 pipe. Another crucial advantage of using this platform is that it boasts some of the tightest spreads from all forex brokers globally.

Having a market depth is very important for any Forex money manager and IC Markets is really known for its market depth. It offers you the complete transparency of each currency pair. High liquidity, asynchronous spot prices and low latency ensures the tightest possible spreads.

The One Click Trading Manager of IC Markets allows you to buy or sell with a single click. This software provides the fastest and complete worry free trade execution and management.

Unlike most of the Forex management software, IC Markets never limits you with any specific trade sizes and that means here you can trade as small as one micro lot and of course there’s no maximum limit also.

It supports most of the major account currencies that include USD, AUD, EUR, GBP, SGD, HKD NZD, JPY, CHF & CAD.

Finally, we highly recommend to open a free account with  ICMARKETS to Know All The Advantages Of Using it as the best ECN broker .Whether for hiring good money manager or for own trading you will need to have an account with it ,so open a free ICMARKETS Account now.


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