Regulated Forex Brokers

In this competitive era, speculators, traders and the foreign exchange market is busy selling and buying different currencies. This industry works by deciding if a currency would lose or gain value. When compared against many other industries, foreign exchange and forex trading is very risky. It is quite interesting to note that more than 5 trillion USD gets exchanged on a daily basis. If you wish to play safe and make a good amount of profit, you should trade through intermediaries like a forex broker. Regardless of individual gains and losses, forex brokers make commissions.

Who are Regulated Forex Brokers?

When you look for forex brokers, make sure they are “regulated”. A forex broker or trading institution is “regulated” when they have all necessary licensures to operate. These organizations (or individuals) adhere to standard rules and regulations. This ensures high levels of transparency. Above all, investor interests are carefully protected. Whether you are in the United States of America or Germany, you should look for forex brokers who are licensed by authorities like the Federal Financial Supervisory.

A lot of investors believe that brokers (regulated or not) are of no use. They claim that forex brokers cannot tell if your money would be safe. Unfortunately, this is not how things work. There are so many well-established and reliable brokers to help you. Here are few reasons to work with regulated forex brokers.

#1 Transparency

First of all, forex brokers promise transparent audits. These professionals are subject to constant supervision. They are subject to discreet rules and regulations. This means, everything in their job profile is audited by officials. There will be tangible effect behind everything they do. This is why forex brokers are bound to keep your money and reputation safe. However, the job requires lots of skills and experience. As you hire an experienced forex broker, your money is likely to stay in safe hands.

#2 Compensation & Insurance

Compensation & insurance is an interesting benefit in hiring the right forex broker. Even if the broker goes bust, there is a very high chance of you seeing some money. Doesn’t this sound like a prime reason to invest on forex brokers? Based on various rules and regulations, financial authorities provide different levels of security. For example, some brokers are expected to enroll in the Investor Compensation Fund. This is a special pool of money that is used to resolve various client claims. However, these funds are governed by many rules and regulations that differ from one jurisdiction to another.

#3 Anti Money laundering

Money laundering is a serious issue in Forex trading. Luckily, authorized forex brokers work against it. They make sure proper documentation is presented before the trade. This might sound like a tough and tedious process. According to experienced traders, it is always wise to work with regulated brokers. They make sure due diligence is exerted in all places where offshore forex brokers fail.

On the whole, regulated forex brokers are safe and wise to work with. They provide safety and ensure transparency in every way!

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